Weddings & Formal Events

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Create A Unique Space With Light

Uplighting! Our Most Popular Option

Typically, we use between 16 - 24 uplights for an event under 200 guests.

We can create shafts or washes of light that rise from the floor around your event space.? And because we use the latest in LED lighting technology, every light is computer controlled to give you nearly unlimited color choices.??
We recommend one uplight approximately every 10 feet.


Gobo Projection and Moving Lights!

We can create patterns and shapes on the walls and ceiling with gobo projectors. A gobo is a glass or metal stencil we insert into a light to create the desired effect. We can create nature, architectural elements, company logos, your name, the sky's the limit!

Prices on gobos can range from as little as $20 for stock patterns to over $500 for custom made full color patterns.? They can be inserted into a static light to project in one place, or into a moving light (also called a robotic, intelligent, scanning light, among other names) so that the image can be moved around the room.

?The photo below shows a monogram designed by the bride and groom and projected on the dance floor, per their request.

Star Backdrop!

Our star backdrops create an exciting palette for your event.? Each panel is 12' x 20' and has fiber optic lights in it to create a powerful and exciting backdrop.? We can even make the lights twinkle like the stars or strobe and chase to the music!


We have spotlights (also called followspots) for every event.? Complete with operator.?

Centerpiece Lighting

Make your centerpieces "pop" with pin spots! We'll focus a very narrow light on each centerpiece, and make it really stand out in your room.


We now offer pipe and drape to cover every situation.? We have a multitude of colors and sizes avaiable.? Use pipe and drape to disguise an area, to add depth to a wall, or create texture.? Shown below is an off-white drape with uplights set to "Tiffany Blue."

Compare the photo above, with the one below.? These are the same table, at the same function.? The only difference is our pinspot making the table glow!

Video Projection

We offer video projection capabilities, from one 6' x 8' screen to multiple 10' x 14' screens.? Playback, recording and video editing options are also available through our partners. ?

Sound Systems

Basic sound systems are available for your event.? We have sound systems designed to be used with mp3 players and for ceremonys.?

Larger systems can be arranged through our sound partner.? Please call for details.?