Paper (Chinese) Lanterns

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We offer a wide variety of decorative hanging products.? Below is just a SMALL sample of the available items.? Most can be hung at different heights, and some can be hung with lights inside.? Please call for more details.

Architectural Artifacts - Chicago

Square Eyelet Lace Lanterns

Cocoon Style

Fire Star

Round With Crystals

Oval Eyelet

Mesa Pattern

Orange Parasol

Beehive Eyelet Shape

ZigZag Style

Pink Parasol

White Parasol

Square Shoji Style

Blue Parasol

Swirl Parasol

Eyelet Parasol

Henna Printed Parasol

Tiffany Style Star

Orange Parasol

Paper Star

Butterfly Print Parasol

Flower Print Parasol

Square Parasol

Purple Eyelet, Beehive

Swirl Print Parasol

Triangle Parasol